i have decided on a New blog name. My new blog name is inspired by what i like to do which is Research Analyze Write. I had been thinking of various new blog names because I wanted to take the Nancy out of my blog name. My previous food blog was named Blog Nancy. i had come up with a couple of names but nothing happy about. On January 30, 2022 is when I asked myself, “what do i like to do”? The answer is Research, Analyze, Write. Then I thought about how i sometimes use the small letter “i” in sentences because the letter “i” is a combination of the binary code 0 1. BAM, i decided on my new blog name Regards From i

I will debut my new food blog sometime in the spring. My social media URL is @RegardsFromi The social media links are at the top and the bottom of the page. Click on the icon link and you will be re-directed to the page. Feel free to follow me on social media. You can come check out the social media pages despite not having a social media account.

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