We had a rare Ice Freeze in Austin, Texas in early February and some broken tree branches are still on streets and yards. Therefore, when I went to Costco in late February I was completely surprised to see watermelon in the produce department. I was happy when I saw the watermelon because watermelon is associated with warmer weather. Yes, it is late February but we can start practicing and perfecting the watermelon foods.

Watermelon fruit drink is one of my favorite beverages. Cut the watermelon in cubes and then put into a blender with some water. Sometimes a little bit of fresh lime juice can be added for a ting.  Yellow watermelons are my favorite however not always available and a red watermelon is just as good. The watermelon beverage can be extended to make watermelon Margaritas and watermelon ice cubes.

Watermelon salsa is delicious on top of brisket, steak and a hamburger patty. Dice the watermelon in small cubes, cut some Serrano peppers, onions, cilantro, salt and a bit of fresh lime juice. The number of Serrano peppers used is a personal preference because of the hot level.  Remember the Watermelon Salsa is going to be put over meat therefore the hot level will be decreased.

Watermelon cake. I typically use Duncan Hines vanilla, yellow or chocolate cake mix and then add various different items for the liquid water. To make a watermelon cake just liquefy some watermelon in a blender then substitute the watermelon juice for the liquid water on the Duncan Hines Box water liquid measurement. I like to make my own frosting and powdered sugar always has a recipe. Once again substitute the water or milk liquid in the recipe for watermelon juice. To ensure a moist cake before you put frosting on the cake or just sprinkle powdered sugar to keep it simple spray the cake.  Poke tiny holes with toothpicks on the cake and then with a clean spray bottle spay the same liquid used in cake mix to keep the cake moist.

Watermelon grilled slices. Yum this is one of my favorite foods because you can grill the watermelon outside on a grill or grill the watermelon on a grill skillet inside. Grilling the watermelon enhances the flavor and sweetness of the watermelon. Put the triangle slices on a kebab stick then grill the watermelon.  Make a cream cheese dipping sauce for the grilled watermelon. I use cream cheese if not softened then just mix with a blender, add some vodka, tequila, rum or gin, add some fresh lime juice and a small dot of salt then mix well and shazam you have a dipping sauce for your grilled watermelon.

In conclusion, watermelon is an awesome food and the watermelon shell can be used as a container for salads or desserts. The colder weather is gone and watermelons here. Regardless what food item you make with your watermelon I can sincerely say that your watermelon will be a welcome treat and remembrance that Seasons Change !