Ms. Nancy Ann Morales
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Female with Management Experience of fifteen years with good leadership skills. Ability to communicate to all levels and different personalities, attitudes. Exceptional coaching and interpersonal skills to inspire. Team player. Strong organize skills and communication skills and an analytical problem solving aptitude. One of my first jobs was as Security Guard at Playland Park, where intrusted to oversee parking lot. Then at San Antonio Police Department (listed as working for City of San Antonio, Texas). Personal Chef once a month where research best menu options for client then client chooses menu, client purchases groceries. My clients are world travelers, busy travelers, high profile business people that I accommodate with good home cooking of American, Mexican and Italian foods.

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• Business oriented

• Reliable, dependable and a good team player

• Capacity to stay composed in demanding circumstances

• Good work ethic, by setting values centered on importance of giving 100% at work

• Problem Solving, where identify problem, review related information to develop and implement solution

• Strong organize skills and time management effective skills

• Team Building

• Critical thinking where use logic and reasoning to identify strengths of alternative solutions

• Marketing strategy and tactics to maximize revenue

• Developing objectives and successful strategies to achieve goal

• Interviewing and hiring employees

• Management of personnel resources where direct people and assigned best person for job

• Performance standards guidelines set while monitoring performance

• Enjoy working in a faced paced environment

• Open to new ideas and suggest ideas of my own

• Treat everyone with respect and show appreciation for a job well done

• Cultural awareness to ensure employees know importance of understanding cultural differences in workplace

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…………….. my field and specialty is Customer Service

# 5. Project Manager Training
St. Edwards Professional Center Austin Texas

# 4. IT Service Management Communications Training
Consulting Solutions .Net Austin, Texas

# 3. Communications
ACC Austin Community College Austin, Texas

# 2. Business Training
EGBI Economic Growth Business Austin,Texas

# 1. Psychology
SAC San Antonio Community College San Antonio, Texas

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Research Analyze Write Independent as Regards From i

January 2010 – Present

Duties and Responsibilities

• Types of research include if __ a good business investment. If __ did something. If __ location and/or peoples are discriminatory or just have characteristics. Was someone intentionally mislabeled as bad person. Ancient places like Mecca (i love moslem headquarters mecca), King Tut, Pyramids AND anything of interest

• Sole responsibility to determine subject or content topic to research

• Oversee success of various different unique projects. Each project requires various methods of operation to ensure success of the project

• Management of personnel resources where motivate and direct peoples

• Get Information — Observing, receiving, and obtaining information from all relevant sources

• Inductive Reasoning — Bottom to top approach, ability to combine pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions, find relationship among seemingly unrelated events

• Identifying information by categorizing, estimating, recognizing differences or similarities, and detecting changes in circumstances or events

• Analyzing Data or Information — identifying underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts

• Category Flexibility — ability to generate or use different sets of rules for combining or grouping things in different ways

• Complex Problem Solving — identify problem and review related information to develop, evaluate options and implement solution

• Problem sensitivity — ability to tell when something is wrong or likely to go wrong

• Critical Thinking — use logic and reasoning to identify strengths weaknesses of alternative solutions or approaches to problems

• Writing — communicating effectively as appropriate for the needs of audience

➡️ All Research Analyze Write is done as an independent. i am not affiliated paid by any government agency.

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San Antonio, Texas Police Department (SAPD)

Duties and Responsibilities

• While working for the City of San Antonio, Texas at the San Antonio Police Department, I oversaw the submission of tracers which were sent out for misplaced, forgotten and lost police reports.

• Effective communication skills with the Police Officers to ensure that the police reports were submitted accurately and put on file.

• Empathy when the police officer forgot to submit police reports

• Management of personnel resources to ensure police report tracers were received, acknowledged and available for the general public.

• Window assistance provided to help with overflow of customers wanting to purchase a copy of a police report.

• Mail distribution assistance as needed to ensure that the various departments of the Police station received their mail.

• Good reviews received from my Captain Casias along with the Supervisor Henry Cruz from the department next door

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Security Guard, Playland Amusement Park in San Antonio, Texas

Duties and Responsibilities

• Management of personnel resources to ensure the vehicles were parked correctly.

• Sole responsibility for parking lot outside

• From start of shift to finish shift I was responsible for parking lot efficiency during regular park hours, special events and holidays.

• Occasional security check walk thru inside Playland Amusement Park to ensure safety of employees and guest along with grab a bag of complimentary cotton candy.

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