The weather temperatures are getting up to the 90’s and 100’s geez it is getting hot outside.  Grabbing a hot lunch is good if you are in the air condition or have a nearby eatery.  However, if you are going to go into the air condition to eat your meal then back out into the outside hot temperatures a meal can feel heavy and get you to feeling lazy.  Therefore, juices and smoothies are an awesome healthy meal substitute.  Let’s start with smoothies and fresh squeezed juices.  Base of a smoothie is the liquid in a smoothie. The base, the liquid can be coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut water or apple juice. Ingredients of the smoothie are the vegetables and fruits. Add-Ins in the smoothie are the almond butter, chia seeds, honey, hemp seeds, whey protein power, pea powder.  So, to review in a smoothie we have three things: the base which is the liquid, we have the ingredients which are the fruits and/or vegetables and we have the add-ins.  

I google checked for bananas benefits and found that bananas are high in potassium.  Pears reduce the risk of developing hypertension.  Spinach is high in Vitamin A. Pineapple is high in Vitamin C . Watermelon replaces electrolytes.  Celery is great for helping the skin glow.  Beets are great and help heart muscles.  Cactus also called nopales are great as an inflammatory and reduce high blood pressure.  Sugar cane is “high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese”.  The ingredients in a smoothie or juice can be a combination of fruits and vegetables (say carrots and pineapple).  Avocados, carrots and bananas are some of my favorites in a smoothie or juice drink. Various juice places exist in just about every city. You can order off the menu or make own smoothie or fresh squeezed juice from any of the ingredients. 

In conclusion having a hot meal for lunch is awesome if you do not have to go back out into the outside hot temperaturesHowever, a cool freshly squeezed juice and/or smoothie is refreshing in outside hot temperatures.  Don’t forget to ask the juice and smoothie location you go to if they have a member club where you get points for your fresh juice or smoothie purchase.  Listed below are some of my favorite add-in items for a smoothie and/or fresh juice and the benefits of the add-in. 


Bee Pollen

  • Used in Rehab Centers. “Bee Pollen eradicates destroys completely, puts an end to addictions that is why Bee Pollen is given 3 times a day at some of the most expensive rehab centers”.
  • Bee Pollen is considered a “super food” because contains almost every single nutrient vital to human health including folic acid and B-complex vitamins, protein and amino acids.
  • Bee Pollen resurrects a body that is ravaged by health problems and infections of various types.
  • Young bees primarily use it as food. This is the main reason they develop and grow so fast in short time periods.
  • Bee Pollen is an energy boost, good for the skin, allergies and good for asthma.
  • Bee Pollen helps the immunity system because has antibiotic effect on the body and REJECTS any attacking virus or microbe. Antioxidants within it also do their job to protect the cells and maintain order in the organism.
  • Bee Pollen restores hormonal balance.
  • Bee Pollen has a cardiovascular health benefit also because rutin is an important antioxidant bioflavonoid that makes blood vessels stronger and improves blood circulation.
  • Bee Pollen also corrects existing health issues and helps you move on from them.
  • Bee Pollen removes excess cholesterol, destroys the smallest blood clots and blockages.
  • Bee Pollen helps with better prostate health.


Whey Protein Powder

  • Whey Protein powder contains an incredible range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly.
  • Studies show Whey Protein powder can help you increase strength, gain muscle and loses significant amounts of body fat.
  • Whey Protein is good for age related muscle loss.
  • Whey Protein has been found to lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure because of bioactive peptides called lactokinins.
  • Whey Protein powder helps type 2 diabetes because increases levels of insulin and the sensitivity to its effects.
  • Whey protein helps reduce inflammation because of reduces blood levels of C reactive protein indicating it can help reduce inflammation.


Chia Seeds

  • Help skin complexion.
  • Beneficial for digestion and detox.
  • Helps prevent constipation.
  • Chia Seeds help support the body natural detoxification pathways, repair cells and reduce inflammation.
  • Chia Seeds help lower cholesterol.
  • Chia Seeds help reduce risk of diabetes because it slows the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar and of sugar to fat during digestion which helps to maintain steady blood sugar levels.
  • Chia Seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and contain more Omega 3’s than salmon seafood gram for gram.
  • Chia Seeds are rich in antioxidants.
  • Chia seeds are high in protein and once ounce 28 grams offers 4.4 grams of protein which equals to 10 percent of required body intakes.
  • Chia Seeds contain plenty of vitamins and minerals such as niacin and thiamine, B vitamins which are important for turning food eat into energy and keeping the BRAIN and NERVOUS SYSTEM functioning properly.
  • Chia seeds come from the Salvia Hispanica plant part of the mint family and native to Mexico and Gautemala.
  • Chia Seeds are said to have been an important food to the Aztecs and Mayans.

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