This idea came to me as I was sitting at Whole Foods drinking a delicious Spicy Citrus fruit juice with Ghost Peppers. That got me to thinking hummm Pork chops with peach ghost peppers chutney ! yum and if you do not eat pork then you can substitute fish. I did research and found that Ghost Peppers go well with Pork and Fish.

Rinse your pork chops and dry on a paper towel otherwise when you put the wet pork chop into the oil you can have a fire. I like to cook with olive oil but you can cook your pork chops in any type of oil you want. Put the pork chops in a skillet on medium heat and let brown on one side then on the other side. Once the pork chops are browned on both sides, then cover the pan and remove from the stove.

Dice into cubes some peaches and put in a sauce pan on low heat. This will not take very long because just want to warm up the peaches. In a blender combine one or two Ghost Peppers. Be careful when you touch the ghost peppers because the hotness on skin will stay therefore wash your hands after touching ghost peppers. Along with putting the ghost peppers in the blender, add about 1/2 cup of peach juice (any brand) also add the peaches cut into cubes (not the ones you put on the stove because those we need later).  Add a little bit of salt (I use regular Morton salt). Once all the ingredients are in the blender press liquefy till you get a semi-thick consistency. Taste the Peach sauce in the blender before you mix with the peaches on the stove.  If the peach sauce is too hot then add some more peaches into the blender and press liquefy.  Once the blender ingredients are at the heat level you want, pour over the peaches on the stove and mix.

The pork chops are done. The peach sauce with ghost peppers is done.  I suggest pouring the peach sauce over the pork chops on the plate. The side dish I suggest is rice, corn on the cob (frozen cooked then browned), or potato wedges. Hint, rice is a good side dish to absorb that heat from the peach sauce with ghost peppers.