Any day is a good day for a BBQ. Typically BBQ’s meats are cooked then left on the grill or in a pan. Everyone wants the guest to say “that was an awesome bbq with moist meats” despite eating four hours after the food was made.

Most people cook the hot dog or hamburger patties all at once. Steaks, ribs and chicken are typically eaten right away. The meats are put on a platter or pan and eaten as desired. However, a couple of hours after you cook the meat the meat starts to get dry. For those that want seconds a couple of hours later having the same moist meats is awesome. The most embarrassing part of a BBQ is having someone grab a hamburger patty or hot dog wiener and oops the meat is a bit dry.

A good way to keep meat moist is to keep the meats in broth on the grill in a pan covered. Beef Broth and Chicken Broth to the rescue. Beef Broth is great for the meat such as hamburger patties, hot dog wieners, ribs and so on. Chicken Broth is great for keeping chicken moist and keep from drying out. To get that just off the grill feel, you can take a hamburger patty, hot dog wiener, etc out of the beef broth and put it back on the grill for a couple of minutes, not longer.

In conclusion, I hope your bbq entree stays moist. If you cook some corn on the cob on your grill you can put your corn in buttered water, then back on the grill a couple of minutes before you eat. I hope these BBQ tips help to ensure you have an awesome bbq.