Keeping bbq Meats Moist

Any day is a good day for a BBQ. Typically BBQ’s meats are cooked then left on the grill or in a pan. Everyone wants the guest to say “that was an awesome bbq with moist meats” despite eating four hours after the food was made. Most people cook the […]

Baked Chicken

. I think it is fantastic on a busy schedule to be able to get home and have the meat ready for your pasta, tacos or chicken salad. Cooking a meat entree and having leftovers to make something else reduces the cooking time and is a benefit when cooking. .. […]

Dr. Pepper Ribs

. Before you too start thinking that you do not like sweet food let me just say that the Dr. Pepper ribs are not sweet. You can balance your meal of Dr. Pepper Ribs with a side dish such as potato salad or macaroni salad. The potato salad that I […]