A cool refreshing beverage definitely is welcomed anytime of the year especially during the hot summer months. One of the easiest beverages to make is lemonade. Nothing can be easier than grabbing a bag of lemons and start squeezing.

Water for the lemonade. The lemons are squeezed and the lemon juice has been poured into the pitcher. What type of water will you be adding to make the lemonade? Are you going to add some boiled water that you let cool off ? How about some bottled water such as Essentia, or Evian water. When I make lemonade sometimes before cutting my lemons I will boil some regular tap water and let cool off and use that for my lemonade. You can also make ice cubes out of lemonade to keep your beverage cold. I occasionally add Pellegrino mineral water to my lemonade.

Sweetener for the lemonade. The lemons have been squeezed and the water has been added. Next comes the sweetener for the lemonade. Honey, cane sugar, or sugar in the raw are good sweeteners for your lemonade. I like to sweeten my lemonade with honey and add a large honeycomb in my lemonade pitcher. The visual presentation of the honeycomb in the lemonade pitcher or large glass container with some lemon slices is a be beautiful presentation.

In conclusion, lemonade can go with just about any meal or as a single cold beverage. If you want to add some variety to your lemonade then how about some crushed cherries for cherry lemonade or some strawberries for strawberry lemonade.